never ask.sometimes break.always tell.

I don’t need to effing feel, okay? I’m perfectly fine where I am in life. I’m going to college and I have everything, everything I want — a life, a school, my hobbies. That’s all I want now. It may not be my wants. It may be my father’s or my mother’s. But for now it’s easier to say that I want it too because I am going to be a podiatrist.

I have everything I want right now. The only things barring me from that are my own faults. And a boyfriend, but who needs a boyfriend when you have hobbies? ^-^

I’m going to be the only one in my class who passes, just watch.

Now let me go to bed and nurse my headache…oTL

no internet

you are all real

and it is boggling my mind

no internet

no boys

no internet

no writing

i have become that girl with the nose


europeans are the new asians

#europeans are the new #asians



“Volcano Day” references in Doctor Who Series 1 and Series 4.


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